Hello West Oakland!

Thank you for visiting our website. We are happy to have you here and would love it even MORE to see your face in person! Just a little about ourselves… Vlad is the owner of ’10th & Wood’. There are two things Vlad has always had a love for: food and being part of a community. These two things became the two main ingredients for his drive to open his cafe located on the street corners of 10th and Wood – hence the name! Easy to remember, right?

Here at ’10th & Wood’ we serve modern Americano-style foods that meet the demographic of the neighborhood. Since the day we first stepped into this corner lot, we’ve had many of you stop by and give us your suggestions on what could make ’10th & Wood’ a prosperous cafe for everyone – guess what? We listened! Each and every one of you that have come by, we’ve taken the time to consider your insights and mix it in a melding pot to create the culture of ’10th & Wood’.

We are a very eclectic neighborhood cafe specializing in Oakland cuisine. Our menu consists of morning coffee, “Po-Mi” sandwiches (think Banh mi meets Po’ Boy), artisan burgers and Saturday/Sunday brunch. We offer takeout, dine-in and phone orders. If you happen to stop by, we have interior seating as well as exterior seating in the warm sun.  We are extremely bike-friendly, so please feel free to bring your bike in while grabbing some lunch!