Pulled Pork: 24 hour brined pork butt, slow roasted with house red cabbage & diakon slaw, jalapenos, cucumbers, house dressing.

Roast Beef – 24 hour brined bottom round, slow roasted beef round, jardiniere of vegetables with swiss cheese.

Grilled Chicken: Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, sliced apples, pesto, house dressing.
Fried Chicken or Fish Po-Mi sandwich: House red cabbage, diakon slaw, jalapenos, cucumbers, house dressing.


Chicken Salad: Fried or grilled breast of chicken, wontons, rice crisps, bean sprouts, mix greens and an asian, gr style drsssing.

Cesar: romaine Lettuce, paresian cheese, crutons, cesar dressing

Greek: cuccumbers, red onions tomatos, olives, feta cheese, mix greens, greek dressing.

Asian Style Chicken Salad: Fried or grilled breast of chicken, wontons, rice crisps, dried cranberries, cucumbers, bean sprouts, mix greens and an asian style drsssing.

Creole potato salad: potatoes, herbs and spices, creole mayo.

Pasta Salad: Herbs and spices pasta, seasonal vegetables.

Green Papaya: tomatoes, chili peppers, fish sauce, green papaya, lime, palm sugar, toasted peanuts, dried shrimp, garlic, green beans.


Chicken rice: – seasonal vegetables, rice, chicken broth, herbs and spices

Broccoli Cheddar: cream based soup, with broccoli, herbs and spices, age cheddar cheese

Carrot Ginger: puree of carrots and slow roasted ginger, herbs and spices

Tomato: puree and seasonal tomatoes, herbs and spices

Minestrone: seasonal vegetables, herbs and spices, small pasta, beans

Pumpkin Ginger: puree of seasonal pumpkin and slow roasted ginger, herbs and spices.

Comfort food

Fried chicken: 24 hour brined, house special spice.

Chicken Piccata: breast of chicken cutlet, lemon, parsley, caper sauce

Baked Chicken: slow roasted chicken parts, herbs and spices, natural chicken juice

Chicken Marsala: chicken cutlet, mushroom , herbs & spices cooked in marsala reduction sauce.

Sheppard Pie: seasoned ground beef with herb and spices and seasonal vegetables, topped with seasoned mash potatoes.

Chicken and Dumplings: roasted chicken with carrots, celery, herbs & spices, soft pillow dumplilicngs in a reducted seasoned cream sauce.

Garlic Mash Potatoes: french style mashed potates, with cream, butter herbs and spices, roasted garlic.

Creamed Spinach: slow cooked spinach, garlic, herb & spices in a reducted cream sauce.

Mac n’ Cheese: macaroni, five cheese blend, with or without bacon. with or without truffle oil.

Avacado Egg Roll: Asain style avacado rolls, with herb season sauce

Lasagna: five cheese blend, ragu or vegetarian sauce

Hot Dishes

Seafood Gumbo: Crab, shrimp, chicken parts, french sausage, herbs, spices, seasonal vegetables, served with steam white rice

African Spicy Peanut Chicken Stew: Tomatoes, onions, Peanut butter, peppers, ginger, garlic..

Curry: Potatos, carrots, green beans, indian spices and herbs


Roast Vegetables: slow roasted seasonal vegetables with herbs and spices

Stuffed Tomatos: Stuffed with roast onions, celery, garlic, bread crumbs, parmecian cheese

Greens – slow and low seasonal greens, seasoned with herb and spices

Green Beans – season green beans with herbs , spices and potatoes


Peach Cobbler

7 – Up Pound Cake

Five Flavor Pound Cake

German Chocolate Cake

Apple Pie

Cherry Pie

Better than sex cake

Bannana Pudding

Bread Pudding

Coconut & Pineapple Cake

Sweet Potatoe Pie

Lemon Ice Box Pie

Buttermilk Pie